Litetronics Flat Panel Retrofit Installation

Friday, Apr. 27th 2018



The Fastest Way Available to Upgrade A Standard Troffer To Smooth LED Flat Panel Lighting. 

Our simple RF Flat Panel kit combines a one piece frame and an ultra-thin panel light. Together they can be installed in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to interrupt the ceiling plenum or do any work outside the troffer. In most cases, the kit is thin enough to be installed beneath the ballast and existing tube lighting. 

The patented RF Flat Panel efficiently delivers 130 lumens per watt in evenly distributed, low-glare illumination. An added benefit of the kit: It limits the heat radiated into the occupant area. How? The expansive lighting surface, the lens assembly frame, steel install frame and steel backside combine to quickly dissipate any accumulated heat. Since the RF Flat Panel so efficiently dissipates heat, your lighting has less impact on HVAC costs; hot spots are minimized and occupant comfort increased. 

Available with 1-10 volt dimming, in 29 and 39 watts and a variety of color temperatures, the kit comes with a safety lock that firmly holds the assembly in place. With a 10 year warranty and 100,000 rated life, the easy-install Litetronics RF Flat Panel kit will provide years of high quality lighting, reduced energy costs and improved occupant comfort. 

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